So a while back I bought a ukulele and songs have
been pouring out of it. When I have enough for an album I am thinking about
doing a ukulele only album. Why not?

Working title: Uke Pacha

Uke is short for ukulele, and pacha means world,
land, the cosmos or the universe (by the indigenous people in South America). It is
a play on the concept of Uku Pacha.

Uku Pacha is the inner world. Uku Pacha is
associated with the dead as well as with new life.” – source

Since it will be an album of ukulele songs that often deal with either life, death and the inner life of the composer (myself) it will be a fitting name I think.

I think I will use this image as the cover (a representation of Pachamama) as it is in the public domain:

Pachamama is also the name of one of my kittens (the other one is named Icaros), so it makes it even more personal. Not only that, but I have also been in direct contact with Pachamama myself during my trips to the Amazon.