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Podcast mic

Pics Posted on 19 Feb, 2014 23:23

Got a podcast starting soon… I’ll announce it when it’s gets officially going.

Love Button – Eat more fruit

Art Posted on 01 Feb, 2014 20:20

Saw this band many years ago while living in Oklahoma, USA. They are very quirky and fun, and most important they are very melodic. This is their latest album:

Get it here:

In the old lab…

Pics Posted on 27 Jan, 2014 03:16

Uke – additional meanings

Miscellaneous Posted on 29 Dec, 2013 15:44

My ukulele album is to be called Uke Pacha. In this post I write about the meaning of this title: Uke Pacha

Having studied Aikido in my youth I discovered today that one technique is actually called Uke.

Uke Pacha

Music news Posted on 06 Oct, 2013 00:03

So a while back I bought a ukulele and songs have
been pouring out of it. When I have enough for an album I am thinking about
doing a ukulele only album. Why not?

Working title: Uke Pacha

Uke is short for ukulele, and pacha means world,
land, the cosmos or the universe (by the indigenous people in South America). It is
a play on the concept of Uku Pacha.

Uku Pacha is the inner world. Uku Pacha is
associated with the dead as well as with new life.” – source

Since it will be an album of ukulele songs that often deal with either life, death and the inner life of the composer (myself) it will be a fitting name I think.

I think I will use this image as the cover (a representation of Pachamama) as it is in the public domain:

Pachamama is also the name of one of my kittens (the other one is named Icaros), so it makes it even more personal. Not only that, but I have also been in direct contact with Pachamama myself during my trips to the Amazon.

Temporary studio

Pics Posted on 29 Sep, 2013 21:10

I have to insulate and renovate the little house that will be my new studio/laboratory, and that will take some time… so while this is going on I’ve slammed up a temporary studio in the garage.

Jesus Christ: Stop Eating Animals

Art Posted on 28 Sep, 2013 23:09

For those of you that like Sebadoh then you might have heard about Eric Gaffney? Have you also heard about Jesus? If YES to both these questions then you might like this:

Ayahuasca (video)

Music news Posted on 25 Sep, 2013 13:33

Music video for Ayahuasca:


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