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Podcast mic

Pics Posted on 19 Feb, 2014 23:23

Got a podcast starting soon… I’ll announce it when it’s gets officially going.

In the old lab…

Pics Posted on 27 Jan, 2014 03:16

Temporary studio

Pics Posted on 29 Sep, 2013 21:10

I have to insulate and renovate the little house that will be my new studio/laboratory, and that will take some time… so while this is going on I’ve slammed up a temporary studio in the garage.

All I can be is me, who are you?

Pics Posted on 28 Oct, 2012 07:33

Leaving my mark…

Pics Posted on 05 Oct, 2012 05:01

In the laboratory

Pics Posted on 25 Sep, 2012 11:30

By the fire

Pics Posted on 17 Sep, 2012 20:00

By the Mediterranean Sea

Pics Posted on 04 Sep, 2012 01:43

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