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Uke Pacha

Music news Posted on 06 Oct, 2013 00:03

So a while back I bought a ukulele and songs have
been pouring out of it. When I have enough for an album I am thinking about
doing a ukulele only album. Why not?

Working title: Uke Pacha

Uke is short for ukulele, and pacha means world,
land, the cosmos or the universe (by the indigenous people in South America). It is
a play on the concept of Uku Pacha.

Uku Pacha is the inner world. Uku Pacha is
associated with the dead as well as with new life.” – source

Since it will be an album of ukulele songs that often deal with either life, death and the inner life of the composer (myself) it will be a fitting name I think.

I think I will use this image as the cover (a representation of Pachamama) as it is in the public domain:

Pachamama is also the name of one of my kittens (the other one is named Icaros), so it makes it even more personal. Not only that, but I have also been in direct contact with Pachamama myself during my trips to the Amazon.

Ayahuasca (video)

Music news Posted on 25 Sep, 2013 13:33

Music video for Ayahuasca:


Phone: officially released

Music news Posted on 01 Jun, 2013 04:38

Ok so the Phone album has now been officially released.The songs on this album was recorded on the fly, often in the very moment when the song was created so in a sense the discovery of the song is caught on tape. Fully in the lo-fi spirit of Sebadoh, Daniel Johnston and the like.

Available on iTunes (, Spotify, Amazon and elsewhere, but can also be downloaded or streamed for free here:

Phone Album

Music news Posted on 16 May, 2013 15:28

Ok, so all the songs that I’ve recorded on the fly on my phone have now been compiled into an album that you can freely download, stream and share here:

Thank you!

The nest

Music news Posted on 11 May, 2013 15:36

Added the tenth and final song that goes on my Phone album. These songs were all recorded on the fly on a mobile telecommunications device. As this is a love song I’ll add a picture of some nice flowers for good measure…

Listen to it here:

Busy with the Rat Race

Music news Posted on 30 Mar, 2013 20:09

So I have not been so active here, and that is because I have been busy with the Rat Race. But I have still managed to compose and record some material. Some of it will go on the next album logically titled: 2. smiley

Till then you all just have to enjoy what has been released already…

To stream or download:


Music news Posted on 23 Jan, 2013 01:53

I wrote this song many hours into my iboga ritual in Gabon as I happened to come across a guitar, but I had no chance to record it quickly on my phone so I did that as soon as I got back to Europe. Like always with these phone recordings it is raw and unpolished, just the way you like it:

Don’t be scared (video)

Music news Posted on 17 Jan, 2013 01:04

Music video for Don’t be scared:

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