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Love Button – Eat more fruit

Art Posted on 01 Feb, 2014 20:20

Saw this band many years ago while living in Oklahoma, USA. They are very quirky and fun, and most important they are very melodic. This is their latest album:

Get it here:

Jesus Christ: Stop Eating Animals

Art Posted on 28 Sep, 2013 23:09

For those of you that like Sebadoh then you might have heard about Eric Gaffney? Have you also heard about Jesus? If YES to both these questions then you might like this:

Flipper Rules, ok?

Art Posted on 05 Sep, 2012 00:04

A few years ago I saw Flipper deliver a great concert in London. The highlight of the show was when they performed Sacrifice with Buzz from The Melvins and the excellent (I saw you) Shine. It was also fun to see Krist Novoselic on stage. I never got a chance to see Nirvana and I thought he gave Flipper that extra thud and force.

After the gig I talked to drummer Steve DePace about making a documentary, but for various reason it never happened (and I didn’t really have a show-reel to show them so I can understand their reserved position).

Anyway I had another blog at the time (to document this project) and I created my own Flipper-logo for it:

Today I discovered that Flipper had lifted this logo from the Internet and used it on their own website, but I didn’t call my lawyer… instead I was greatly honored that they had liked it enough to use it.


Art Posted on 26 Aug, 2012 17:55

Tony Scott jumped off a bridge a few days ago straight to his death. So far we don’t know why, but I have noticed how the media has highlighted some of his films like Top Gun, Days of Thunder and more recently Unstoppable… it is a shame that they shine a light on these ones when the greatest film he ever made (apart from True Romance, but that is mostly good thanks to the script by Tarantino) is Hunger. In my opinion one of the best vampire films ever made. Check it out…