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Lyrics Posted on 23 Sep, 2013 17:05

Been busy moving and traveling. Thought I’d post lyrics of songs I’ve created even if I don’t have an audio file to share yet. This one is called Nomad and was composed on a ukulele.


It was easy in the beginning.
It will be easy at the end.
But we are somewhere in the middle,
(and) we can barely see the trend.

The silly politics of war,
and all time wasting emotions.
Will not speed us along.
Will not set utopia in motion.

So take it easy.
One day your lease is void.
The spirit is a nomad.
The body is a droid.

We are only here to learn the lesson;
that we’re not alone if we’re together.
We can’t change the past,
but we can make the future better.

And change happens in the present.
It doesn’t matter who is president.
If you’re a king or a peasant;
on earth you’re just a resident.

So take it easy.
One day your lease is void.
The spirit is a nomad.
The body is a droid.

15 Aug – 18 Sep 2013

Building new studio

Miscellaneous Posted on 30 Jul, 2013 18:08

So I am soon moving house and getting a new studio/laboratory space. It is going to be sweet. The bad news is that I am without my instruments and recording equipment for a few weeks as they are packed in boxes. I’ll have to make up for this once the studio is finished.

Phone: officially released

Music news Posted on 01 Jun, 2013 04:38

Ok so the Phone album has now been officially released.The songs on this album was recorded on the fly, often in the very moment when the song was created so in a sense the discovery of the song is caught on tape. Fully in the lo-fi spirit of Sebadoh, Daniel Johnston and the like.

Available on iTunes (, Spotify, Amazon and elsewhere, but can also be downloaded or streamed for free here:

Phone Album

Music news Posted on 16 May, 2013 15:28

Ok, so all the songs that I’ve recorded on the fly on my phone have now been compiled into an album that you can freely download, stream and share here:

Thank you!

The nest

Music news Posted on 11 May, 2013 15:36

Added the tenth and final song that goes on my Phone album. These songs were all recorded on the fly on a mobile telecommunications device. As this is a love song I’ll add a picture of some nice flowers for good measure…

Listen to it here:

Busy with the Rat Race

Music news Posted on 30 Mar, 2013 20:09

So I have not been so active here, and that is because I have been busy with the Rat Race. But I have still managed to compose and record some material. Some of it will go on the next album logically titled: 2. smiley

Till then you all just have to enjoy what has been released already…

To stream or download:


Music news Posted on 23 Jan, 2013 01:53

I wrote this song many hours into my iboga ritual in Gabon as I happened to come across a guitar, but I had no chance to record it quickly on my phone so I did that as soon as I got back to Europe. Like always with these phone recordings it is raw and unpolished, just the way you like it:

Don’t be scared (video)

Music news Posted on 17 Jan, 2013 01:04

Music video for Don’t be scared:

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